So, Kay and I have decided to give preschool homeschooling a shot for Zoey and Audrey. We will share sporadically the various experiences we have with this. As you can tell from the time of this posting, preschool homeschooling is definitely not for the faint of heart.


Above is a picture of Audrey learning the letter A. Kay made it fun for Audrey by associating it with “alligator” and having Audrey do a handicraft of the alligator from the letter “A”.


Here’s another photo of Audrey doing art with an apple chop.

Trying out IFTTT

For those of you that don’t know, IFTTT stands for If This Then That. It’s a way of triggering automatic actions. Quite straight-forward really.

I wouldn’t have stumbled upon it had it not been for the announcement by Google that it is is shutting down Google Reader. I looked around for alternatives and came across this article in Lifehacker which suggested IFTTT and Pocket as a Google Reader alternative.

Cool huh?

This is kinda embarrassing…

My blog site recently had malware injected into it, apparently through one of the plug-ins I used.

I didn’t bother to troubleshoot to find out which one but took the rather extreme step of DELETING EVERYTHING on my blog and re-installing WordPress.

Sigh… It was really painful.

Anyway, I’ll have to find time to put up my treasured links page up again. I guess it’s a blessing in disguise since I can try to keep it short this time… I realize I use Google for so many things now that a page of frequently-used links seems like an antiquity!